Land surveying is an ancient, respected, and noble profession shared by US Presidents and other prominent individuals throughout history. Nearly every project (e.g. house building, real-estate transaction, construction large and small, new bridges, roads and rail, infrastructure rehabilitation, site development, ecological restoration, and more) relies on a surveyor's work as the starting point. Yet, few know what surveyors actually do, or even how to pursue a career in surveying.

Some get college degrees and others follow in the footsteps of a mentor. Most learn on the job. GdB embraces all these routes.
In EOS terminology, our team looks for the "right person" who "gets it" and then puts them in them in the "right seat."

GdB evaluates applicants with our Core Company Values in mind.

Detail Oriented

Client Focused

Solutions Focused


Continuously Improving

Bringing Each Other Up

Core Values

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Our team is always looking for smart and driven people willing to learn. When we identify awesome people, we find the right place for them.

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