LiDAR 3D Laser Scanning

Instead of holding a prism at every point we need to measure, LiDAR sensors spray light beams to all objects in its field of view to collect data at a desired interval (as little as every few millimeters). The xyz coordinate of all the light beams collected are used to create a point cloud (a 3D accurate environment made of small points). These point clouds can be reconciled with digital photos taken on site, to create a real world, color accurate 3D model of the project site. We can then choose from a variety of renderings for display and extract key points and linework as mapping in our CAD files, 3D Models and DTM’s.

The GdB team is comprised of point cloud experts who can use scanners and extract data to the highest degree of efficiency. We are adept at capturing data in difficult to access locations like subways, bridges, and pump stations. We have teamed up with, and done extractions based on the data of others, as well as provided data for others to extract. GdB point cloud services reduce the need for revisits.

Westchester County – GIS Needs Assessment

Through an existing On-Call agreement to provide GIS Consulting Services between GdB and Westchester County, GdB assisted the GIS team to perform a GIS Needs Assessment across multiple County departments. Westchester County has been collecting various forms of geospatial data from projects performed by County staff as well as contractors and consultants. A Needs Assessment was suggested to the County GIS team as a first step towards organizing and standardizing the Drone and LiDAR data so that the data can be used and leveraged throughout the County. The GdB team was uniquely positioned to complete this task with Westchester County given our Land Surveying, LiDAR/Drone, and GIS technology expertise.

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FEMA – RISK MAP Region II Watershed Mapping

GdB has teamed with STARR II, as a survey subconsultant, through four fiscal years to perform Field Survey to obtain current “on the ground” data to support a RISK MAP Study in FEMA’s Region II which includes, Ontario, Orleans, Tompkins, Yates, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Seneca, Wayne, Chatauqua, Franklin, Genesee, Jefferson, St. Lawrence and Wyoming Counties.

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GW Bridge Rehab of the Trans-Manhattan Expressway Overpass

GdB completed a survey of approximately 3,000 linear feet of roadway along the Trans-Manhattan Expressway Overpass. The topographic and utility survey of the local roads was performed using a combination of stationary LiDAR (High Density Laser Scanning) and traditional robotic total station survey methods. The stationary LiDAR allowed GdB to capture enough detail needed to create surface mapping contours at 0.2 foot intervals. Total Station surveying was used to complete the utility survey as well.

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Buffalo Niagara International Airport Revit

For our modeling tasks, GdB also created custom parametric families for items not provided by the manufacture or the client to properly model all features. Based on conversations and specifications from the client, Building Information Modeling for this task was prepared to Level of Development (LOD) greater than 200, but less than LOD 300.

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