Project Owner
Key Elements
  • GIS Needs Assessment
  • Department and Individual Interviews
  • Drone Photography
  • Aerial LiDAR
  • Hardware/Software Recommendation
Project Duration
  • Completed June 2021


Through an existing On-Call agreement to provide GIS Consulting Services between GdB and Westchester County, GdB assisted the GIS team to perform a GIS Needs Assessment across multiple County departments. Westchester County has been collecting various forms of geospatial data from projects performed by County staff as well as contractors and consultants. A Needs Assessment was suggested to the County GIS team as a first step towards organizing and standardizing the Drone and LiDAR data so that the data can be used and leveraged throughout the County. The GdB team was uniquely positioned to complete this task with Westchester County given our Land Surveying, LiDAR/Drone, and GIS technology expertise.


Geospatial Data Management Goals:

1. Identify existing and potential drone and laser scanning technology usage by department.

2. Identify any drone or laser scanning datasets which may have already been captured and delivered to the County.

3. Standardize and require uniform coordinate system for data capture.

4. Standardize drone and laser scanning data and content deliverables.
Identify data storage requirements.

5. Quantify and identify any additional drone capacity or resources that may be needed to support future County government operations.
6. Illustrate and train county staff as to how drone and laser scanning data can be shared and viewed across multiple departments

GdB Value

With these goals in mind, GdB proceeded to conduct our needs assessment, first by Identifying departments, and interviewing individuals with access to existing Drone/LiDAR data. Through these interviews, we identified any benefits and obstacles that the County was experiencing from the current data management systems. Goals for each individual and department were gathered for their geospatial data needs.


The results from these interviews was a comprehensive report to Westchester GIS, detailing the responses from departments and individuals, detailing user experience, issues and barriers. GdB then proposed a detailed recommendation for the Hardware and Software concerning the use of Drones and 3D Laser Scan data capture. A comprehensive presentation was given to Westchester Department heads with these results and recommendations.