Machine Control Modeling

Justin Roloson, LS


Machine controlled construction has enabled contractors all over the country to build projects with efficiency, accuracy, and safety as a focus. Contractors will see a decrease in material waste and fuel, which both factor in meeting or exceeding a project’s environmental goals. It has been adapted for use on just about every piece of equipment such as dozers, excavators, slipform curbing machines, pavers, graders, etc. Machine control technology has been said to make inexperienced operators good, and good operators better, by unlocking all of the site information for their use in an instant. This all hinges on having a complete and accurate 3D Machine Control Model. GdB is one of the area’s leaders in building 3D models for Machine Controlled construction. Our staff’s background in both surveying and engineering enables us to build models per the approved construction plans, while identifying and resolving potential construction issues before they cause on-site project delays.

Client: We can't get ahold of anyone.

At Gdb, we prioritize communication.  We're committed to answering the phone and being readily available to address any concerns or inquiries our clients may have.

Client: We're tired of grading these jobs twice.

Our approach involves meticulous analysis of the design from the outset, ensuring it is constructable the first time around.  We are always striving to minimize the need for rework.

Client: We don't have time for surprises.

Transparency is key.  If we encounter any issues we bring them to your attention early on.

Client: Why the higher cost for your models?

Unlike some builders who merely flip CAD designs, we invest in building actual models and prioritizing precision.  

Client: What manufacturers do you build for?

We provide modeling for Topcon, Trimble and Leica, earthmoving, slipform and paving systems.


Machine Control Modeling FAQ

Over the years, we’ve gathered some reoccurring feedback from our clients when it comes to selecting a builder and we’d like to share (in no particular order!) some of these insights with you.

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Buffalo Niagara International Airport Revit

For our modeling tasks, GdB also created custom parametric families for items not provided by the manufacture or the client to properly model all features. Based on conversations and specifications from the client, Building Information Modeling for this task was prepared to Level of Development (LOD) greater than 200, but less than LOD 300.

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