Frequent Conversations with our Machine Control Modeling Clients

Over the years, we’ve gathered some reoccurring feedback from our clients when it comes to selecting a builder and we’d like to share (in no particular order!) some of these insights with you.

Client: We can't get ahold of anyone.

At Gdb, we prioritize communication.  We're committed to answering the phone and being readily available to address any concerns or inquiries our clients may have.

Client: We're tired of grading these jobs twice.

Our approach involves meticulous analysis of the design from the outset, ensuring it is constructable the first time around.  We are always striving to minimize the need for rework.

Client: We don't have time for surprises.

Transparency is key.  If we encounter any issues we bring them to your attention early on.

Client: Why the higher cost for your models?

Unlike some builders who merely flip CAD designs, we invest in building actual models and prioritizing precision.  

Client: What manufacturers do you build for?

We provide modeling for Topcon, Trimble and Leica, earthmoving, slipform and paving systems.

If you’re ready to get it right the first time with GdB, drop us a line and tell us what you’re working on.

About GdB Geospatial

GdB is a leading provider of innovative geospatial solutions.  The firm specializes in performing commercial boundary surveys, topographic surveys, utility surveys, hydrographic surveys, construction layout, and aerial mapping on projects of all sizes. GdB provides these services to energy, utility, infrastructure, real estate and institutional markets in Rochester, Western New York, New York City, New York Metro, Hackensack, New Jersey and Long Island and all the Northeast Corridor from Boston to DC. GdB’s expertise has expanded to include remote sensing, photogrammetry, machine control and slipform modeling, subsurface utility exploration (SUE), utility markouts, corridor mapping with article VII permits and more.

Sports Dad

Justin has been with GdB for 6 years and when he's not at work he enjoys ultrarunning and watching his daughters play sports.

Justin Roloson, LS
Project Manager