Chris Hedger Achieves GISP Title

After years of dedication and hard work in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GdB’s Chris Hedger has attained the prestigious designation of Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP).

The GISP title signifies not only a deep understanding of GIS principles and technologies but also a commitment to professionalism, ethical standards, and continued learning.

Achieving GISP certification requires meeting stringent criteria set forth by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI), including education, professional experience, contributions to the GIS profession, and adherence to a code of ethics. By successfully fulfilling these requirements, Chris has not only validated his own expertise but has also elevated GdB standards and the broader GIS community.

“Being a GISP is one of the highest statuses a person in the GIS career can achieve. To work at a company that sees this, and celebrates this, is such an honor,” said Chris when asked about his recent accomplishment.

As Chris joins the ranks of GISPs worldwide, we commend this remarkable achievement and look forward to the continued impact he will undoubtedly make in the field of Geographic Information Systems. Please join us in congratulating Chris on this well-deserved recognition!

About GdB Geospatial

GdB is a leading provider of innovative geospatial solutions.  The firm specializes in performing boundary surveys, topographic surveys, utility surveys, hydrographic surveys, construction layout, and aerial mapping on projects of all sizes. GdB provides these services to energy, utility, infrastructure, real estate and institutional markets in Rochester, Western New York, New York City, New York Metro, Hackensack, New Jersey and Long Island and all the Northeast Corridor from Boston to DC. GdB’s expertise has expanded to include remote sensing, photogrammetry, machine control and slipform modeling, subsurface utility exploration (SUE), corridor mapping with article VII permits and more.


Chris has been a GdB employee for over 2 years. When he's not at work you can find him training for his next triathlon.

Chris Hedger, GISP
Senior GIS Specialist