We’re excited to share some wonderful news from our team! David Zuber has recently achieved a significant milestone in his career:  Licensed Land Surveyor.

Dave’s journey to licensure has been marked by hard work, dedication, and a genuine commitment to mastering the art of land surveying.  Becoming a licensed land surveyor requires rigorous education, extensive training, and the ability to pass a series of challenging exams.

“Receiving my LS has been a goal of mine since I first decided I wanted to become a surveyor” said Dave when asked about his new title.  “Working primarily in the 3D modeling/construction surveying realm in the last few years has changed the path slightly, but GdB has supported me and encouraged me the entire way.”

We’re incredibly proud to have Dave as part of our team for the last 5 years and look forward to seeing him thrive in this new chapter of his career.

Visit the NYSAPLS website for more information on the steps required to become a licensed land surveyor.  

About GdB Geospatial

GdB is a leading provider of innovative geospatial solutions.  The firm specializes in performing boundary surveys, topographic surveys, utility surveys, hydrographic surveys, construction layout, and aerial mapping on projects of all sizes. GdB provides these services to energy, utility, infrastructure, real estate and institutional markets in Rochester, Western New York, New York City, New York Metro, Hackensack, New Jersey and Long Island and all the Northeast Corridor from Boston to DC. GdB’s expertise has expanded to include remote sensing, photogrammetry, machine control and slipform modeling, subsurface utility exploration (SUE), corridor mapping with article VII permits and more.

GdB Celebrates Dave Zuber's Achievement: Licensed Land Surveyor

Classic Cars Guy

Dave has been a GdB Employee for over 5 years and when he's not at work you can find him cruising in the 1973 Mustang he rebuilt in high school.

David Zuber, LS
Project Surveyor