New technologies can better utilize tax dollars and make our roads smoother

Summer road trip? Commuting again? Summer is re-paving season! A newly paved road means more than just repairing potholes. It’s about laying down a new surface. Well spent tax dollars on your roads with a new approach, means a smoother road that is safe, reliable, and long-lasting. Pavement that is unmaintained or in poor condition may become overly rough, forcing vehicles to travel at slower speeds on the roadway. Potholes, pavement cracks, alligatoring, distortion, and general wear of the road start sooner when the pavement did not begin it's life as smooth as possible. Properly and consistently paved roads have been proven to last longer.This is where GdB surveyors using our RD-M1 pavement scanner can safely and efficiently capture an existing road surface and provide a complete view of the current road’s conditions.

The RD-M1 scanner is LiDAR equipment that collects a constant stream of data as you drive, delivering precise surface conditions. The ~28lb unit is mounted on a vehicle and a technician collects data as the vehicle is moving at normal highway speeds with little or no impact to operations. The RD-M1 scanner is one of our most efficient tools. It collects more data and creates a better end product in less time and more importantly, it's far safer in high traffic areas compared to traditional survey. The scanner collects data and forms a 3D point cloud to find any damage and deterioration, such as pavement cracking, distortions, and of course, potholes in the existing pavement. The turnaround time for a scan is quicker (sometimes less than a day), allowing the contractor to get back on-site to finish repaving the roadway.

What is the RD-M1?

Quality – Allows for a better deliverable. Efficiency – Helps to get the project done faster. Safety – Takes contractors and the public out of harm’s way.

RD-M1 for Project Owners

Pavement Ride Quality Incentive – As described by NYSDOT. Specific Engineering – existing conditions data rather than dated plans. Value – higher quality roadway for less effort.

RD-M1 for Contractors

Fewer detours – fast turnaround time and fewer barrels. Reliable – smoother roadways and comfortable rides. Responsible – long lasting roads and better pavement conditions.

RD-M1 and the General Public